Tactical Legal Review with Predictive Coding Software

A guide to predictive coding for review and ediscovery.


Predictive coding software is a vital element of ediscovery and litigation—from case preparation to closing arguments.

It supports human expertise with machine learning to help document reviewers identify more relevant material in a shorter period of time. But the review process can still raise questions for lawyers unfamiliar with the technology. Everlaw’s white paper “Tactical Review with Predictive Coding” pulls back the curtain to answer all your questions.

Download it today and gain insight on:

  • How predictive coding software identifies which documents are relevant
  • How it is different from manually reviewing documents
  • Why a human reviewer is still necessary
  • How this feature of discovery software is different than technology assisted review (TAR)
  • A general overview of predictive coding software—seed sets, training sets, controls sets, coding process, machine learning, keyword search and how they help legal teams in case preparation
  • How Everlaw’s predictive coding software works
  • Judicial opinions on predictive coding
  • Strategies to tactically use artificial intelligence, active learning, and predictive coding in litigation

Predictive coding software is an essential tool for every legal practicemulti-national law firm, corporate counsel, or government prosecutor. Get your questions answered in Everlaw’s white paper “Tactical Review with Predictive Coding.”