Modern communications and the proliferation of mobile devices have completely changed the game of discovery. Data sizes and file types continue to increase, while organizations have the added pressure to work more efficiently and keep costs down. Enter Everlaw. The Everlaw platform combines speed, security, and ease-of-use into a unified, comprehensive platform that unlocks the collaborative power of legal teams.

Join us for an introductory demonstration of the Everlaw platform where we will explore the three ways that Everlaw helps organizations:

  • Discover what matters most by automating or streamlining every step of the ediscovery process.
  • Reveal the most relevant evidence lies in a document corpus and bringing hidden data to light.
  • Act on information with tools to collaborate securely, to craft narratives and to efficiently manage the end-to-end process of investigations and litigation.




Jennifer Robertsjenny

Jennifer Roberts is a Product Marketing Manager at Everlaw. Prior to Everlaw, she worked as the Director of Marketing for LexInsight and as a Senior Content Manager for Lawfty. Jennifer is a licensed attorney and has worked for companies in North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.




Rachel GonzalezRachelGonzalez_Circle_Small

Rachel Gonzalez is a Growth Marketing Manager at Everlaw, helping to bring technology insights to the ediscovery industry through fresh content, webinars, and industry events. Prior to Everlaw, Rachel worked as a Product Manager at Rocket Lawyer and on the legal team at IDEO.