The process of discovery and litigation preparation present unique challenges for organizations involved in complex litigation. Whether it’s a class action lawsuit, multidistrict litigation, or a mass tort, these organizations are often under immense pressure to sift through vast data troves that may contain esoteric file types while also collaborating across multiple legal teams and safeguarding privileged information.

Enter Everlaw. The Everlaw platform combines speed, security, and ease-of-use into a unified, comprehensive platform that unlocks the collaborative power of legal teams.

Join us for an in-depth look at the matter management and advanced analytics capabilities of the Everlaw platform where we will explore how Everlaw helps organizations:

  • Ingest and view data from a multitude of file types in a customizable review interface, so that information is fully searchable and viewable within the platform.
  • Continually leverage predictive information to better inform review decisions.
  • Act on information with tools to collaborate securely, craft narratives, and efficiently manage the end-to-end process of investigations and litigation.




Jennifer RobertsJenny2_CIRCLE

Jennifer Roberts is a Product Marketing Manager at Everlaw. She is a graduate of the Yale Law School and is licensed to practice law in California. Before joining Everlaw, Jennifer worked for several other companies in the legal industry and also worked abroad for clients in Europe, Asia, North, and South America.