Potentially exculpatory photos in a social media feed. Critical corporate memos written in a language you don’t understand. The recording of a game-changing voicemail. Increasingly, the information you need to succeed in ediscovery is not created in a searchable format. Why is it important to know about different technologies that create and understand this “dark data?” How can you access dark data? Join us for a lively exploration of the sources of dark data, the best techniques for illuminating it, and the importance of technology competence for attorneys.

This session will explore...

Specific examples of dark data, including:

  • Audio or video files (phone calls, meeting recordings)
  • Images (patent applications, schematics)
  • Foreign language (emails and more)

Technology competence and risk mitigation for attorneys




AJ ShankarAJ.png

AJ Shankar is CEO and Co-Founder of Everlaw, an ediscovery technology company based in Berkeley, CA. AJ has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and an A.B. in Applied Mathematics/ Computer Science from Harvard University.


Lisa HawkeLisa.png

Lisa Hawke is the VP of Security and Compliance at Everlaw, an ediscovery technology company based in Berkeley, CA. Lisa is admitted to the bar in New York and Massachusetts and a Board Member of Women in Security and Privacy ( You can follow her on Twitter @ldhawke.