Wondering what’s new with Everlaw? In this mid-year lookback, Everlaw product experts give you a comprehensive look at all the product features launched in the first half of 2019.

Ensure that you get the most out of Everlaw and join us on September 24 at 10am PST to learn more about:

  • Microsoft Teams Support: Support chat exports from Microsoft Teams and Office 365 data.
  • Permissions 2.0: Provide granular control over various features throughout the platform.
  • Location Whitelisting: Restrict access to the platform based on geolocation & IP address.
  • Everlaw PDF Viewer: Render and load PDFs of documents in ~⅛ second and continuously scroll when viewing multi-page documents.
  • Weighted phrases in predictive coding: Select and weight text in documents that are particularly relevant in order to train your model more granularly.
  • Project Templates: Use an existing project as a template to configure project and database settings for a new project.
  • Data Visualizer dashboard: Get a side-by-side comparison of multiple data visualizations for different aspects of the data in a document corpus.
  • Auto-code contexts: Enable code application across multiple documents across any context - attachment families, full email threads, exact duplicate groups, or versions.




Christina Lingchristina

Christina Ling is a Product Marketing Manager at Everlaw. Prior to Everlaw, she worked at OpenText Discovery (formerly Recommind) in Product Marketing and at Deloitte as an Ediscovery and Information Governance Consultant. She serves as a board member for the San Francisco chapter of ACEDS.



Dana LombardoDanaLombardo_circle

Dana Lombardo is a Senior Solutions Architect at Everlaw. He provides technical support and subject matter expertise throughout the sales cycle. Prior to Everlaw, he worked as a Solutions Architect at Brainspace and as the Director of Ediscovery at Evolve Discovery.